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OP Arm Load Gauge for ring frame & Simplex

In order to achieve optimum productivity and yarn quality from ring frames and speed frames, the top rollers are loaded at specific levels and thus uniformity between top arms on the same frame is maintained. In the course of continuous working, however, variations occur from the set loads, which affect the quality of drafted material. Low top arm loads results in undrafted yarn, unevenness and hence affect the strength and count CV%. Excess loads also squeeze the cots and increase the power factor of the machines.

Frequent, methodical check up of the top roller loads is, therefore, necessary and the Sun Tarp Gauge, offered by Sunrise Industries, enables the same to be done easily and directly on the front, middle & back rollers in ll types of drafting systems used today in ring frames and speed frames such as LR DJ/5, G5/1, LF 1400, LF1400A, G6, SKF PK 221, 225, 235, 1500, 1600, WST UT 620, UTM 620, SUESSEN, TEXPARTS, etc, with cots diameter ranging from 25 mm to 75 mm (also suitable for wool/worsted spinning frames such as SKF PK 704, 1601, BM 12, 14 etc, and jutea spinning frames such as Mackie, etc).

Digital Yarn Splice Strength Tester
It is a low-cost, simple instrument used to test the Retained Splice Strength (RSS) of single/double yarn on the machine itself, so as to take corrective steps immediately. The instrument reproduces single thread strength results with high accuracy as those obtained from expensive & sophisticated single yarn strength testers. Thus it can be also used as portable single yarn strength tester.

The tester is provided with a Peak Hold feature so that the yarn breaking value is held on the display. It is based on load cell transducer for better accuracy, with in-built low battery indicator and its low power consumption (9 volt) gives a longer battery life. A special clamp is provided for gripping the yarn firmly while taking readings.

The Splice Tester is also available with a stand and hand rotated fly wheel, with a dial indicator that shows the elongation in mm. Also an option for motorised model is available with the range from 500 g to 5 kg. The newly designed mechanical model is also more accurate & long lasting because of more precision watch mechanism components, & rugged construction. There is no backlash because of heir spring. It is also provided with two hands, a driving hand & a drag hand to determine the splice strength of yarn at the breaking point. The range available: 500, 1000, 2000 g.

Draw frame top roller load gauge/Sunrise Nilometer - 2 Dial type
Sunrise Industries has introduced Nilometer for individual & independent end loads measurements of top rollers of draw frames, comber, silver lap, ribbon lap & also of comber detaching rollers. It helps decrease sliver CV%, strength CV% and count CV% besides improving appearance. It has become a bench mark for spinners aiming for better Uster values.

Top Roller End Load setting is of critical importance since drafting load vary due to reduced cots sizes, worn-out journals, end bushes, eccentric bottom rollers, worn out springs, variations in pneumatic line pressure, deterioration in pressure hose pipes due to its wear results in decrease of End Loads of Top Rollers. It is the comprehensive one catering to all above machines & end loads up to 100 kg can be measured independently. It is must for the spinning department. It can be used on above all machines simply by using appropriate end bushes & centre rod with rollers. The main advantage of Sunrise Nilometer is one can correct & equalise end loads. The instrument is supplied with self calibrator so that one can easily check & correct the accuracy of the instrument inhouse.

published December, 2012
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