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MAG's HVT Expert Series

The market environment today has become increasingly competitive with consumers becoming more quality conscious. Therefore, it is very important for a spinner to know all the important cotton fibre properties for each and every bale.

MAG's high volume fibre testing instrument, HVT Expert Series, incorporates the latest technology of high volume instrumental testing at extremely high-speeds and provides for accurate and precise measurement of all the important cotton properties.

MAG high volume fibre testing instrument has the following features and benefits:

That is, higher sample size is possible with combined and independent module

  • Determine important fibre properties such as length, fineness, maturity, strength, colour & its grade and trash content.
  • Compact and ergonomic model embedded with microcomputer controlled technology for rapid measurement.
  • Less space, less weight and comfortable stainless steel top work space.
  • Combined and independent module testing.
  • Parallel as well as simultaneous operations ensure faster testing.
  • Calibration in both ICC & HVI mode by USDA and any other international calibration cotton.
  • Automated fibre comb sampling for better sampling repeatability avoids operator influence. Intelligent pressure mechanism for accurate beard collection irrespective of sample size.
  • Advanced trash separation by buoyancy separation technique. System will measure trash for the sample size of 10 g as well as 50 g based on requirements, that is higher sample size is possible with this instrument. Time taken for testing 50 g sample is also very nominal.
  • The instrument is designed in such a way that each portion of the electronics and pneumatic arrangements for maintenance are kept in comfort position and locations for easy accessibility.
  • Flexible report options like date wise, lot-wise, cotton type-wise as well as consolidated reports available.
  • Bale Management System (BaleMAN) takes care of consistent quality of cotton lots issued for mixing as well as quality and quantity of stock.

published October, 2012
For further information
Full Address of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Dealer/Distributor/Service Provider A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited
43, Dr V B Gandhi Marg, Fort
Mumbai - 400 023, India (Republic of)
Telephone Numbers of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Dealer/Distributor/Service Provider Telephone: + 91 022 22872245 Ext 143.
Fax Numbers of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Dealer/Distributor/Service Provider Fax: + 91 022 22041690.
Mobile Numbers of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Dealer/Distributor/Service Provider Mobile: + 91 093208 47332.
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