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Sunrise Micronaire Tester

- Sunrise Industries, a manufacturer & exporter of textile testing & measuring instruments, offers Micronaire Tester, measures the micronaire value. Micronaire describes both the maturity and fineness of cotton fibre.

product profile from Sunrise Industries   published August, 2012
Atlas launches new SunCal Sensor Series

- Atlas Material Testing Technology, the global leader in weathering technology and services, has designed and introduced a new series of calibration sensors to provide low-cost and precise do-it-yourself maintenance on the SUNTEST® Family of xenon instruments.

product profile from Atlas Material Testing Technology   published July, 2012
Uniplus 600VA Interactive UPS

- Uniline has been making waves in the power conditioning industry since 1989 with top quality and reliable services, which have made Uniline amongst the top online UPS company in India.

product profile from Uniline Energy Systems (Pvt) Ltd.   published June, 2012
Control valve for automation

- Crouzet brings complete automation control using pneumatic logic components through association of relays on and, or, not, sequencer module, timer, amplifier and pressure switch base units. Pneumatic components used to perform complete automation control tasks using energy in the form of gas, usually compressed air.

product profile from CST Sensors India Pvt. Ltd.   published June, 2012
Keisokki Evenness Tester KET80VC

- Keisokki offers KET80VC, a yarn evenness tester for filament yarn/nylon yarn/POY. KET 80VC is 5th generation, computer technology based instrument. Keisokki introduced its computer technology based instrument KET80C in 1980 whereas other manufacturers could introduce their computer technology based instrument in 1987 only (7-years later).

product profile from Thymas Electronics Pvt Ltd   published June, 2012
Texso Laser

- Textile Solutions offers Texso Laser, which is compatible with all weaving looms.

product profile from Textile Solutions   published May, 2012
Strandberg's vast range of process control instruments

- Strandberg Laboratories Inc, USA is a reputed company in USA manufacturing on line process control instruments. Their prices are very economical and several units are working in India. Their instruments are very rugged, water proof, etc, and suitable for online applications on stenter, padder, sizing machines, etc. One of their online instruments & controls is a Residual Moisture Monitor.

product profile from Thymas Electronics Pvt Ltd   published May, 2012
ITMF recognition for 2 cotton testing instruments

- At its Plenary Meeting recently in Bremen/Germany the International Committee on Cotton Testing Methods (ICCTM), a Committee of the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), has granted full recognition to two instruments.

product profile from International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF)   published May, 2012
Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5370 PACs

- The new Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5370 programmable automation controllers (PACs) from Rockwell Automation bring machine builders a high-performance, right-sized integrated motion control solution for their machine applications.

product profile from Rockwell Automation Response Centre   published May, 2012
King Yarn Package Classifier

- Atleast six innovations in textile quality control were featured at ATME-I 2012 by the Tailored for Textiles division of J A King & Co. The firm also distributed copies of its new, 130-page catalog of test equipment for the fibre, yarn, fabric, nonwovens, dyeing, finishing and apparel sectors at the event, which was again staged alongside Techtextil North America at the Georgia World Congress Center.

product profile from J A King & Company LLC   published May, 2012
RSLogix 5000 Software from Rockwell

- The latest release of Rockwell Software RSLogix 5000 software from Rockwell Automation delivers the high performance of an integrated control system for manufacturers and machine builders requiring a smaller control system.

product profile from Rockwell Automation Response Centre   published April, 2012
DMM-2000: Tool for quality assurance & process monitoring

- PROJECTINA AG offers the Digital Measuring Microscope DMM-2000 with micro and macro optics, which is a microscope enhanced with digital or video camera technique with outstanding image quality.

product profile from PROJECTINA AG   published April, 2012
Sensors for textile machinery

- Katlax offers textile and Industrial sensors for various textile and Industrial machinery. Inductive sensors: Inductive Proximity Switches are non-contact type electronic sensors ideally suited for sensing of metallic objects. These sensors are resistant to dust, humidity & oil. Inductive proximity sensor generates high frequency oscillations & any metallic object, which enters active area results, eddy current in the object and then stops oscillation that triggers output stage.

product profile from Katlax Enterprises Pvt Ltd   published April, 2012
BEN-iDATA: Monitoring plant performance – any time, anywhere

- BEN-iDATA offers mobile, busy managers an easy and convenient way to check the performance of their Benninger plants at any time and from anywhere.

product profile from Benninger Zell GmbH   published April, 2012
Classifiber with special linear lamp

- Keisokki Kogyo Co Ltd, Japan is involved in manufacturing of hi-tech quality control instruments since decades. Keisokki has pioneered several revolutionary concepts in the textile industry.

product profile from Thymas Electronics Pvt Ltd   published April, 2012
Wira Fineness Meter & Maturity Tester

- Electronic Fineness and Maturity Tester was everyone’s dream. Wira was the first company in the world to introduce the same. This instrument is very simple to use compared to any other instrument in the world.

product profile from Thymas Electronics Pvt Ltd   published April, 2012
Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester EASYPERM

- Textest AG is a very reputed company of Switzerland & very well-known for their products like Laboratory Air Permeability Tester, Dynamic Air Permeability Tester, Automatic Pick Counter, Hydrostatic Tester, Tear Strength Tester Elmendorf, Portable Moisture meter and many more…

product profile from Thymas Electronics Pvt Ltd   published April, 2012
Titan4 Universal Strength Tester

- Titan4 is an outstanding, fourth generation Universal Strength Tester, designed specifically for testing textiles, nonwovens and leather in various forms: yarns, fabrics, garment and security of attachments.

product profile from JAMES HEAL   published April, 2012
Mesdan leads in lab equipment

- The "MESDAN LAB" equipment line offers a complete range of instruments to perform control tests in laboratory or adjacent to the processing of different textile materials. Among the various instruments available for the checking of fibres, yarns and fabrics, the portable equipment, developed for the constant monitoring of fibre and yarn quality nearby the machine is a valuable asset.

product profile from Mesdan India Pvt Ltd   published April, 2012
Atlas blazes a trail of success in lightfastness testing

- Atlas' history started in 1918 with light fastness testing instruments for the textile industry. Today, the company still helps guide the critical decisions in design, manufacturing and purchasing of textiles and garment by helping detect the materials and processes that cause fading by light.

product profile from Atlas Material Testing Technology   published April, 2012
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