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Embossing calenders - Dos & donts

- In the previous issue [ITJ December] you have read about embossing calender and related running in instructions.

product profile from D V Prabhakar   published January, 2014
Ultimate colour fastness tester, GyroWash2

- James Heal's GyroWash2 offers customers the ultimate washing and dry cleaning colour fastness tester.

product profile from JAMES HEAL   published January, 2014
Embossing Calenders: Dos & donts

- The name itself suggests that this machine is for embossing varied designs/patterns on the fabric and other material. It is a machine with one design roll made of steel and a soft roll, say, cotton, rubber and woollen, etc.

product profile from D V Prabhakar   published December, 2013
New Thies iMaster for dyeing heavy pile fabrics

- A new iMaster F Series of dyeing machines, offering economic operation and low liquor levels, has been introduced by Thies GmbH specifically for dyeing high pile fabrics such as terry towelling.

product profile from Thies India Machines Pvt Ltd   published September, 2013
Huntsman Textile Effects launches PHOBOTEX®

- Huntsman Textile Effects today launched the PHOBOTEX® range of fluorine-free rain protection and stain management products.

product profile from Huntsman International (India) Pvt Ltd   published May, 2013
Rapid Desizing of Cotton Fabrics

- Innovations Unlimited, Mumbai offers a new technology for continuous rapid desizing and bleaching of cotton fabrics for further processing.

product profile from Innovations Unlimited   published April, 2013
GALAXY: Bleaching & Washing Range for Circular Knitted Fabrics

- Erbatech's GALAXY combines excellent bleaching and washing results with high productivity and lowest water, energy and chemical consumption.

product profile from Erbatech Machinery (P) Ltd   published April, 2013
Huntsman launches 2 AEEA-free products

- Huntsman Textile Effects launched two AEEA-free (amino-ethyl-ethanol-amine) alternatives for two of its key silicone softeners used in the manufacture of apparel and home textiles.

product profile from Huntsman Textile Effects   published February, 2013
World's first, fully chemical-resistant fibre squeeze roll

- A revolutionary new version of the famed Roberto roll is the first fibre-based squeezing system to offer full resistance to harsh chemicals.

product profile from Richard Hough Ltd   published February, 2013
Pegasus X6 double drum-raising machine

- The pegasus x6 double drum-raising machine, offered by unitech textile machinery spa, italy, which is represented in india by the delhi-based dipti international, is well recognised for its reliability, easy operation and outstanding productivity.

product profile from Dipti International Ltd.   published December, 2012
LAIP's Lab Machines

- LAIP Srl, Italy, which is represented in India by the Delhi-based Dipti International, has designed a series of small and medium capacity lab machines in response to the requests of its clientele for equipment capable of handling samples and small lots.

product profile from Dipti International Ltd.   published December, 2012
Photosharp Screen Exposure System

- For top-quality image resolution and dependable daily screen throughput, the photosharp screen exposure system offers fast exposure times and a long lamp life. Made by Workhorse Products, the unit has a 1,000 watt metal halide dual-spectrum light source.

product profile from Workhorse Products   published December, 2012
Clariant's advanced denim technology

- Clariant has announced that its advanced denim technology has been honoured by two of the prestigious 2012 innovation awards organised by icis. ICIS Chemical Business magazine revealed the winners of the 2012 edition of its awards.

product profile from Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd   published December, 2012
Avocet enhances halogen-free flame retardant offering

- Avocet dye & chemical company is one of the uk's leading manufacturers of flame retardants for the textile sector. Through a global distributor network the company generates more than 60% of its sales in Western Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region. During the past 3-years, sales growth in China and South Asia has been strong and Avocet is now breaking in to other emerging markets.

product profile from Croda Chemicals (India) Pvt Ltd   published December, 2012
Nuva N1811 for softer hand to fabrics

- As one of the leading companies in the production of fabric repellency treatments, clariant has increased its capacity to produce next-generation fluorochemicals at its plant in gendorf, germany. With an investment of 8 million euros supporting C6 chemistries, the plant will support new lines of Nuva® products and expand options for customers who are increasingly making the switch from traditional C8 products.

product profile from Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd   published November, 2012
Huntsman Textile launches PURE by HeiQ

- Huntsman textile effects and heiq have announced a strategic business alliance with the launch of pure by heiq, an innovative, new-generation silver product that sets it apart from other odour control solutions.

product profile from Huntsman International (India) Pvt Ltd   published November, 2012
Adequate availability of Levafix Blue CA

- Lonsen Kiri Chemical Industries Ltd (Lonsen Kiri), a joint venture between LongSheng Group, China and Kiri Industries, India, successfully produced the first bulk quantities of Levafix Blue CA, a fluoro-triazine (TFT) based reactive dye, at their site in Gujarat, India. The production and quality control was carried out with DyStar's supervision.

product profile from Lonsen Kiri Chemical Industries Ltd   published October, 2012
Hi-tech embroidery solutions from ATE-Tai tie-up

- ATE Enterprises Pvt Ltd has entered the embroidery segment with its tie-up with Tai Sang Enterprises Limited, Hong Kong, for computerised multi-head embroidery machines. Tai Sang makes the best quality embroidery machines of latest technology in its manufacturing facility in China.

product profile from A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited   published October, 2012
Odyssey entry-level six-color/four-station manual press

- The Odyssey line of manual textile printers is a great way to get started doing short-run spot-color jobs, and name drops without making a big investment. The Odyssey six-color, four-station press allows you to do multicolor at minimal expense.

product profile from Workhorse Products   published September, 2012
No need to regrind: Resilio rolls make life easier for finishers

- Energy savings and reduced downtime are assured with RHL's unique dewatering concept. Textile finishers no longer need to worry about regrinding rubber-covered dewatering rolls - thanks to the unique dual-layer composition of the Resilio roll, from Richard Hough Ltd (RHL), the UK-based specialist producer of covered squeezing rolls.

product profile from Richard Hough Ltd   published August, 2012
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