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Terrot's inexhaustible range of knit structures

- Terrot, together with its partner Terrot Hongkong, will exhibit two machine models-I3P154 34" E28 and UCC548T 34" E28-at ITMA Asia, booth G07, hall E5.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Groz-Beckert TexCar to reveal textile diversity

- Groz-Beckert will be presenting its new products and service highlights in hall E5, booth B01 at ITMA Asia.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
ITMA Asia + CITME 2014: 15% larger than 2012 event

- The fourth combined ITMA ASIA + CITME exhibition is gearing up for another mega showcase in Shanghai, China. To be held from 16-20 June 2014 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, the show will gross 152,200 sq m in 13 halls, 15 per cent larger than the last edition in 2012.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Trends in value-added yarns

- Indian market has started understanding importance of adding spices and flavours available abundantly in nature to the routine stuff and textile industry is not an exception to this age old Indian tradition.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
EurocelTM: A new fibre combination with a European footprint

- Eurocel™ is a European product through and through. The cellulose fibres used are made in Austria in an environmentally responsible process.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Demand for antimicrobial fibres, textiles and apparel is set for strong growth

- Demand for antimicrobial fibres, textiles and apparel is set for strong growth, according to Issue No 47 of Performance Apparel Markets from the business information company Textiles Intelligence.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Yarn: A Welcome Twist

- Spinners are spinning a new success story with innovations, both in-house and with the help of imported fibres.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
"China's shuttleless loom share in India's import is 28%"

- Kanti Prakash Brahma, Senior Consultant, Fashion-Textile & Apparel at Technopak Advisors, talks about rising imports of shuttleless looms in India.

published April, 2014  |  more Details
Chinese rage looms

- The rising tide of Chinese looms into the country may pose a looming crisis for the domestic weaving equipment manufacturers.

published April, 2014  |  more Details
Cotton textile export target at US $12 bn within reach

- In 2012-13, the members of The Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council -- TEXPROCIL, exported close to US $10 billion of textiles to major markets in the world including China. This year the council has targeted to export US $12 billion and is confident of exceeding its target set once again.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
A pioneer tells a Tale of Technical Textiles

- Yogesh Kusumgar, Chairman of Kusumgar Corporates, can be rightly called a pioneer in technical textiles.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
Technical textiles in India: Set for take-off?

- The Indian industry must consciously work backed by intensive R&D towards exploring and finding new avenues of growth in technical textiles.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
Blinex candles for air dryer application

- Blinex Filter Coat Pvt Ltd, has more than 38+ years of experience in industrial coating and manufacturing of porous plastic filter elements and components.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
Air engineering on turnkey basis

- Coimbatore Air Control Systems can give best support in terms of design and development, marketing and strictly maintain quality oriented products and services.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
Energy-efficient systems from Spin Air

- Spin Air Humidification Plant plays a very vital role in deciding the quality, efficiency of the men and machine and to a great extent on the raw materials processed and finished goods.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
Manvi marches ahead in humidification

- Manvi Textile Air Engineers Pvt Ltd has grown to enjoy a formidable presence in humidification system for textile spinning & weaving with successful diversification in developing waste collection system & equipment.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
Panel AC, oil chillers from Advance Cooling

- At Advance Cooling, a commitment to quality manifests itself in its manufacturing processes and products and in the vast array of solutions and services it provides its customers.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
Exhaust systems for weavers & processors

- The designing composition of the fume and hot air exhaust system is based on an excellent engineering in textile weaving and process house machinery for fume and hot air generated during the machine operations.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
Texfair 2013 lends new hopes to 'golden era' vision

- Texfair 2013, and the concurrent event, Farm to Finish Expo 2013 came to an end on December 16, 2013, on a very hopeful note for the textile industry.

published January, 2014  |  more Details
"It's time to look beyond commodity textiles"

- In order to manifest this stability in a wider perspective, it is time for the textile industry of India to look beyond commodity textiles, limited to wears and furnishings, towards technical textiles.

published January, 2014  |  more Details
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