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Evaluation of drape measurement: A review

- The digital method of measuring drape is found to have advantages of eliminating the need for paper rings, reducing manual errors and storing an archived image of the draped samples for future reference.

published October, 2013  |  more Details
Measurement & control of foreign matter in cotton spinning: A review

- It is important to both detect and remove foreign matter during the cotton spinning process, say the authors, who provide an overview of the available automated foreign matter detection devices and their underlying principles and also detail some of the recent and current research in this area.

published April, 2012  |  more Details
CAD/CAM support for jacquard-based textile industry

- CAD/CAM systems for jacquard based textile industry are an integrated technological solutions (in software and/or hardware) catering to the various needs which range from designing, prototyping, actual production, marketing and presentation of designs/finished products of the textile industry.

published October, 2011  |  more Details
Atlas Instruments gain Marks & Spencer approval

- Atlas, a global leader in weathering testing instruments and services, has gained Marks & Spencer approval for utilising the Atlas Xenotest® 220/220+ and Ci3000+ Fade-Ometer® to meet C9 (Colour Fastness to Light) and C9A (Colour Fastness to Wet Light) test methods.

published April, 2011  |  more Details
Controlling evenness parameters for improved quality & profitability

- USTER® pioneered evenness testing more than 60-years ago and the USTER® TESTER 5 follows in this tradition in offering an unbeatable range and testing speed to give 21st Century proof that the concept is more important than ever.

published April, 2011  |  more Details
Studies on tension measurement in winding

- Many processes can run at least 30% faster with better quality of package by precise tension control in winding process and it is essential to develop an instrument which should give accuracy in results in terms of tension.

published July, 2010  |  more Details
Automatic fabric inspection systems

- With the advent of global sourcing, the need for effective quality measurements is more important than ever, and there is a need for a comprehensive, consistent way to establish the quality of goods, for which automated fabric inspection is one such solution.

published June, 2009  |  more Details
Virtual garment simulation

- New VR technologies have been developed, which form the basis for a realistic, three dimensional, (real-time) simulations and visualisation of individualised garments put on by virtual counterparts of real customers.

published April, 2009  |  more Details
Recent progress in techniques on study of fibre structure

- The continuing developments in fibrous polymer technology mean that there will always be a stimulating supply of materials towards which the fibres scientist may direct his research, whichever type of microscopy or imaging he may wish to use.

published November, 2008  |  more Details
Improving products & processes: Taguchi methods demystified

- Statistical process control allows for faults and defects to be eliminated after manufacture (if detected) whereas Taguchi methods provide effective solution that prevents their occurrence

published June, 2008  |  more Details
Steinel Hot Air Gun HG 2310

- STEINEL-Germany one of the leading and largest manufacturers of Hot Air Guns in the world has introduced a new generation Hot Air Gun, the HG 2310 LCD with greater convenience and efficiency.

published April, 2008  |  more Details
ERMASCOPE PENTA-T: Latest in optical testing

- With over 100 customers and more than 30 years experience, the Chandigarh-based company ERMA INDIA have been designing, developing, manufacturing to world class standards and marketing exclusively the ERMASCOPES for fibre testing & quality control, R&D and teaching & demonstration, making it probably a leading company in the world to have such extensive expertise & dedication in the above field.

published April, 2008  |  more Details
Q-Sun Xenon Tester with larger capacity

- The new rotating rack Q-Sun Model B02 xenon tester from Q-Lab Corporation has designed specifically to be an affordable lightfastness tester that meets the requirements of ISO and AATCC. In addition, its capacity is 48% to 92% larger than comparable xenon testers.

published April, 2008  |  more Details
UltraScan® PRO Spectrophotometer

- Hunterlab’s UltraScan PRO measures both reflected and transmitted colour and meets CIE, ASTM and USP guidelines for accurate colour measurement. The instrument’s 5nm optical resolution enables it to precisely measure colours using colourants with sharp cutoff characteristics.

published April, 2008  |  more Details
S 198 Fibre Shrinking Tester

- Zweigle Textilprüfmaschinen was founded in 1919 in Reutlingen, South Germany with a clean objective: to provide the textile industry with quality control equipment of the highest quality and precision. Zweigle is nowadays an international manufacturing and marketing organisation located in Reutlingen, 50 km south of Stuttgart.

published April, 2008  |  more Details
Testrite Mk V Shrinkage and Force Tester

- Testrite has recently celebrated 40 years as a registered company. It was originally operated from a coach house situated in the heart of what was the textile area of the industrial north - Halifax, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Over recent years the company has flourished and now sells worldwide the textile testing equipment that it manufactures.

published April, 2008  |  more Details
SDL Atlas Quickspin System

- SDL Atlas offers the Quickspin System, which incorporates the Suessen MDTA Fibre Opener with the Rieter R20 rotor spinning unit. The superior blending capabilities of the MDTA and the high speed flexibility of the Rieter unit make the Quickspin System ideal for production of samples of cashmere yarn requiring colour blending and the matching of dyed fibres.

published April, 2008  |  more Details
New hairiness parameter in iQ Qualicenter

- Premier unveils a suite of new products and solutions at ITMA Munich, 2007 Premier Evolvics, a leading global manufacturer of quality and process testing, monitoring and analysing equipment, has recently launched a range of products and solutions.

published April, 2008  |  more Details
Mag High Volume Fibre Tester

- There is a lot riding on the quality of the cotton one sources to ensure products that meet exacting standards. That is why it pays to reply on the Mag High Volume Fibre Tester to ensure cotton quality.

published April, 2008  |  more Details
Mesdan's semi-automatic electronic strength tester

- The “MESDAN LAB” equipment line offers a complete range of instruments to perform control tests in laboratory or adjacent to the processing of different textile materials.

published April, 2008  |  more Details
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