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Polar New Direct Link System Model I/DLS

In the winding sector, process development and innovations have been always dictated by the needs of the final user. In order to provide an answer to the Indian market requirements, in 2006 Savio introduced the POLAR range of automatic winders. Available in multiple configurations and up to 72 drums, the POLAR family is the ideal partner in the winding process.

Apart from the well accepted and established round magazine models -- almost 30,000 drums installed all over India and in order to offer the best tool for fully automated spinning mills, Savio has recently added the new I/DLS model. With almost 250 link winders installed from Savio’s debut into the Indian link winding segment, POLAR I/DLS introduces a new concept in automatic link winding: Affordable and user-friendly sophistication.

The Indian yarn spinning industry, in a short span of time, has made a huge leap toward modernisation. Such dramatic surge of new technologies must not complicate the life of the final users. Simplicity and effectiveness are the pillars of the entire Polar project.

Its main features are:

  • The POLAR I/DLS boasts a unique spinning frame to winder close loop feeding system, the winder being an extension of the same, ensuring total free flow of the materials.
  • From speed frame bobbin to the final package, the yarn is processed untouched and with zero transit time, ensuring maximum quality, less material handling and no chances of contamination.
  • As the ring frames get longer, POLAR I/DLS comes in a modular hi-efficiency bobbin processing system ensuring the best utilisation.
  • The spindle’s yarn path has been straightened reducing yarn deflections and each spindle now holds two - ready to wind - bobbins as stand by.
  • In order to ensure the lowest power consumption, the suction unit is equipped with a high efficiency, inverter driven suction unit. A fully integrated suction management system ensures optimum suction generation that adjust itself to the actual demand from the machine.
  • Thanks to this feature and the further refined spindle’s Flexycycle, hard waste is reduced to the minimum.

Polar -- Italian Technology Made for India: Textile scenario has moved from west to east and India is leading the way, being the most quality and cost conscious machinery user. At Savio we believe in working the closest to the users. Polar was designed for India. Its success proves we were right.

published December, 2009
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