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Processing, Dyeing & Finishing
New atmospheric NT-Jigger from Thies

TO meet increasing demand for smaller batches Thies Textilmaschinen has introduced a new atmospheric NT-Jigger suitable for dye lots from 1,000 m at an operating temperature of 98ºC.The new NT-Jigger is ideal for the dyeing of woven and open width knit fabrics. It is especially recommended for the treatment of crease sensitive, permeable and non-permeable fabrics in open-width form, offering optimum flexibility for the finishing of natural fibres.

An integrated fabric transfer system with a new spreader system for crease-free loading/unloading of the fabric is also available. At the same time it avoids selvedge curl on fabrics with up to 40% Lycra.

The NT-Jigger incorporates innovation in stepless tension and material speed. It also features an economical dye trough designed for uniform dyeing in short liquor ratio conditions.

A contrast liquor ratio from 55 - 100% of the fabric width is guaranteed with the new NT-Jigger. It also features a variable fabric tension of 10 - 100 kg at speeds of 10 - 150 m/min for fabric widths of up to 5.4 m. A choice of batch diameters of 1,000, 1,230 and 1,450 mm are also available.An industrial PC and rope monitoring system provides precise calculation and control of the fabric speed and tension maintaining optimum processing conditions throughout dyeing cycles. The jigger also offers direct drive of the main rollers via frequency controlled three-phase motors to ensure energy savings with brake drive current return.

A centre driven frequency controlled motor drive is also optionally available for loading/unloading operations. ‘Salt dissolving’ with an electric stirrer and automatic brine transfer into the kier are also available with the new jigger.

Other optional features include a water metre for controlled rinsing, a liquor filter and a floor level track system for the kier opening/closing.

published November, 2007
For further information
Full Address of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Dealer/Distributor/Service Provider Thies GmbH & Co.
Borkener StraBe 155, Am Weißen Kreuz
Coesfeld - 48653, Germany (Federal Republic of)
Telephone Numbers of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Dealer/Distributor/Service Provider Telephone: + 49 2541 2541 7330.
Fax Numbers of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Dealer/Distributor/Service Provider Fax: + 49 2541 2541 733299.
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Products/Services: More alike than you might think
High performance HP Batcher from Thies

Winding and dyeing technology from a single source ensures constant and reproducible density of beam wound fabrics.

1-kg capacity lab dye machine from Thies

Germany-based Thies Textilmaschinen has introduced the first 1kg capacity laboratory dye machine to ensure ‘Right first time’ production results with reduced bulk costs. The LabMaster, reproduces similar liquor ratio for larger production batches.

Low liquor ratios with Luft-roto plus Sll dyeing machine

THE new Luft-roto plus Sll fabric dyeing machine from Thies Textilmaschinen features short liquor ratio dyeing technology complying with demands for environmentally friendly and cost effective production.

New dispensing system from Thies

A new dyestuff dispensing system, the MPS Colourmatic, is introduced by Thies Textilmaschinen providing precise weighing, ensuring ‘right first time’ benefits and reduced manpower benefits. The MPS Colourmatic automatically receives a signal for the powder dyes to be prepared, transferring an empty pan be filled.

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