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Lakshmi RUTI-C 1000 shuttle weaving machine

Lakshmi RUTI-C 1000 shuttle weaving machine can weave yarns of natural and man-made fibres as well as blended yarns in all the standard counts. The machine is suitable for manufacturing almost any fabric. The feature includes: Easy adaptation to different materials and types of fabric; Flexibility of the standardised interchangeable units; In case of programme alteration of major proportion, additional parts and special units facilitate the changeover; The C unit construction system facilitates conversions and additions. Lakshmi RUTI-C 1000 ensures good quality fabric in the face of unforeseeable changes brought about by fashion, new fibres, etc. The machine has been designed for a high performance; Sound design of frame and operating motions; Double bearings of the antifriction type; Strong warp and cloth transport motions and rigid sley and cam motions.

These design characteristics combined with the extremely soft and long pick ensure smooth running with a highly beneficial effect on the life of the machine and the spare parts of requirements. The various motions and parts in contact with the warp and weft are specially made to suit the characteristics of the yarn.

Continuous weft monitoring by means of a centre weft stop motion; Stop-on-pick prior to beat-up at a weft break; Efficient pneumatic clearing of yarn tails away from shuttle and sley; Large warp beam diameter for filament up to 700 m (27-1/2); Chromium-plated back rest roller on antifriction bearings; Fabric wound into low-positioned cloth beam; The hardness of the roll can be adjusted to suit the fabric requirements; Wide range of adjustment of the back rest roller making possible the long back shed often demanded for sensitive warp yarns; Reliable warp monitoring by an electric warp stop motion; Two tension rollers for slip-free firm cloth take-up; A spreader mechanism for crease-free winding can be supplied as an extra on request; Cloth winding diameter: max 500-550 mm low position cloth beam.

published December, 2006
For further information
Full Address of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Dealer/Distributor/Service Provider Lakshmi Automatic Loom Works Ltd
Weaving Machinery Division, Hosur Industrial Complex, Dharmapuri District
Hosur - 635 126 Tamil Nadu, India (Republic of)
Telephone Numbers of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Dealer/Distributor/Service Provider Telephone: + 91 4344 276 926.
Fax Numbers of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Dealer/Distributor/Service Provider Fax: + 91 4344 276 746.
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Reader Comments
Abirami  |  5/17/2010 3:14:56 PM
We would like to know the rate details of Lakshmi RUTI-C 1000 shuttle weaving machine (Dhoties manufacturing machine). Please get back to us at the earliest.
nagarjuna  |  5/1/2010 6:50:24 PM
i want to buy 40 machines 180cm negative new brand by lmw.please mail me or cal me 9440489950,08682 227778
Ansari MD. Murtuza  |  3/14/2010 1:33:24 AM
i am intrested to setup new weaving unit at malegaon (nasik) with the latest powerloom kindly send me the cotation of all different types of automatic loom you are supplying. Apart from this kindly suggest goverment finance scheme for permit holders the details are given below A. Permit no. uplc/mhra/m-4314/4207. Dated 01/02/1968 (Quantity of looms 2) B. PL(nk)103/01149/70/3162 Dated 07/03/1970 (Quantity of looms 2) Kindly send me the details at the earliest.
Abhishek  |  1/12/2010 6:45:55 PM
I am interested in buying lakshmi auto loom new or second.If does any one known then let me know
p LAHOTI  |  5/1/2009 12:03:18 AM
i want to sell 2006 model 24 machines 180 cm negative new brand purchased by lmw
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