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Viloft®, a Unique Viscose Fibre
Viloft®, a Unique Viscose Fibre

For the start of the Parisian textile trade fairs, the managing boards of Lenzing and Kelheim announced their co-operation with regard to the marketing of Viloft®, a speciality viscose fibre. Lenzing will now include Viloft® in its global fibre portfolio and will market Viloft® internationally.

Thanks to its flat fibre cross-section, special textiles can be designed which are particularly warm. Viloft’s modified cross-section creates air pockets in the textile which act as a buffer against the cold. Textiles made of Viloft® reveal particularly good insulation values. Conventional viscose fibres tend to be smooth and cooling and thus are not suitable for warm clothing. Viloft® on the other hand has warming properties and is at the same time a natural cellulose fibre.

The thermal performance of Viloft® has been proven in tests. Comparing Viloft® knit fabrics with cotton knit fabrics shows that Viloft® fabrics have 30% higher thermal insulation. A small percentage of Viloft® fibre is enough to make textiles warmer. With the speciality viscose Viloft® fibre, designers can create particularly warm and skin-friendly textiles. Viloft® is naturally soft, supple and breathable.

In blends with synthetic fibres and wool, Viloft’s properties are shown to be particularly effective since moisture absorption and softness are desired benefits. This precise combination of fibre properties makes Viloft® ideal for use in the lingerie sector. Warm and modern designs can be created with Viloft®. Another advantage is the ease of care. Viloft® textiles can be machine washed without any problems.

The Lenzing/Kelheim partnership is full of promise. As a manufacturer of cellulose fibres, Lenzing has been working on a concept to meet the needs of the warm textiles market. Dieter Eichinger, head of the Business Unit Lenzing Textiles, explains, “Viloft® enriches the Lenzing fibre portfolio. Viloft® fits perfectly under the Lenzing banner and expands the fibre technologies we are able to offer to the textile market.”

published March , 2010
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