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  SMLís BCF spinning line comes off with flying colours!

A new era has begun for SML customers after the Munich ITMA with the SML launch of a couple of improvements on its spinning line product range. Both SML BCF spinning lines, monocolour and tricolour, have been totally reworked, which provides several new, additional advantages:

The monocolour line - BCF 4 x 2/90 new edition - has now been approved to run a practical output of 240 kg/h, based on 1,800 den and up. This results in a daily yarn output of 5.7 tons/day!

The patented texturing unit has been improved in several details in order to further increase the crimp. Electrical equipment is now installed in a 13 foot container box, which is air-conditioned and perfectly sealed against spin finish fumes and dust. SML's main target is to develop a machine with an excellent output/machine-cost ratio, and a waste percentage below 0.9 %.

The tricolour line - BCF 4 x 2/3 x 60-T new edition - produces 6.5 tons/day, based on 2,100 den! This has become possible with the implemented improvements and developments of the last months.

At the ITMA SML had its FDY line HT 2 x 2 C/60 on display, running FDY yarns with a titer range of 200 to 3,000 denier.

Austrofil BCF Tricolour Spinning Line: Enabling creation of modern colour effects for the carpet industry

Based on the excellent yarn quality -- highest crimp level and low shrinkage -- from the BCF mono-colour line, SML decided to develop a BCF tricolour line according to the future requirements of the carpet industry.

Austrofil BCF 4 x 2T/3 x 60

  • compact line for producing PP BCF tricolour yarns

  • 3 extruder: ō 60 mm, LD 28

  • output approximately 240 kg/hour

  • yarn titer about 1,200 - 4,000 dtex

  • 4 stretching and texturising units "STU"

  • process speed Duo 2 up to 3,300 m/min

Line features:

  • Patented SML texturising unit for best crimp contraction and low shrink-age, no need of lamellas, cooling time of plug about 15 seconds.

  • Two positions of pre-intermingling allow wide spectrum of colour separation (from heavily mixed up to clear separation).

  • Flexible production, two different yarn titers can be made at the same time.

  • Easy to operate due to only one texturising and cooling point for each yarn.

  • Structural separation from spinning section and stretching, texturising, winding to avoid impurities especially from spin finish.

With reference to the successful business in compact spinning lines for SML it has been interesting to meet a challenge wherein the excellent BCF yarn properties from monocolour can be combined with tricolour with new ways of colour separation. Thus a new type of spinning line has been generated. It should be an instrument for the carpet industry to create unique yarns according their own requirements and to meet the trends of fashion.

AUSTROFIL BCF Tricolour 4x2 T:
SML extrusion technology with 4 stretching and texturising units "STU"

This BCF line is equipped with continuous, gravimetric dosing units and three extruders. The extruder dimension of ō 60 mm, LD 28, ensures a total output of at least 240 kg/h and a quick change of colour. Each extruder has a screen belt filter and static mixer for high melt quality. The distribution of colours is done in the spinning beam. Heating of the spinning beam is performed by means of circulating thermo-oil.

The applied arrangement does not require a high system pressure. For each STU three spinning pumps can be started individually and at different speeds. Diameters of spinnerets of 110 mm allow a high number of single filaments and the possible development of yarns with a low single titer and a particular touch. Two quenching units with individual control together with two segments for spin finish application allow the production of different yarn titers at the same time (per 2 modules).

High flexibility

Simultaneous production of two individual yarn specifications (A and B), variable in: yarn titer, spinneret, quenching, spin finish application and processing speed. At the bottom part of the spinning section a new arrangement for pre-intermingling in two positions allows the separation or blending of colours. For a clear colour separation each yarn is pre-intermingled and separated up to the inlet of the texturising unit. To create melange effects the yarns pass the second position of pre-intermingling, where all three yarns are put together in one intermingling jet. A change of parts or modification is not necessary between the melange and the sprinkle effect. Accordingly, yarns can either run through position 1 or position 2 or through both positions and, of course, at different air pressures to provide multiple possibilities for colour separation or blending.

Clear Colour Separation:

  • Pre-intermingled yarns are separa-ted up to the inlet of the texturising jet.

  • Ingenious design of jet ensures controlled plug formation.

  • Good separation of colours is also maintained in the texturised plug and final yarn.

After stretching the yarn is texturised, the compact plug is cooled for a time of 15 seconds. Cooling is effected by a seamless drum with a smooth surface, which is favourable for yarns of fine single filaments. Further the yarn is drawn off. Downstream of duo 3 the yarn is tangled by state-of-the-art intermingling jets and wound up on automatic winders.

SML (Starlinger Maschinen Lenzing), with its head office in Lenzing - Austria stands for high-tech extrusion technology based on nearly 40 years of experience in Polymer processing. During the past 9 years, the Upper Austrian machine manufacturer has specialised in the production of plastics-coextrusion lines (multiple-layer-film lines) for the production of film and sheet, laminates and in spinning lines for PP-multifilaments. SML has made a name for itself in the international market by tailoring extrusion lines to customer requirements and has established itself as technological market leader in many product fields.

SML clearly aims to strengthen its position as technology leader in coextrusion cast film lines, coextrusion calendering lines, extrusion coating lines and AUSTROFIL multifilament spinning lines. This objective is to be achieved through close co-operation with international research institutes, leading universities in the field of plastics processing, raw-material producers as well as with suppliers and customers.

Each newly developed extrusion line is tested at the SML factory together with the customer under production conditions before delivery. Continuous assistance and co-operation between the customer and SML are most important services offered by SML after start-up of the extrusion line at customers site. SML's Customer Service Centre is available to the customers around-the-clock - worldwide.

SML currently employs 192 staff, and has achieved a turnover of around 60 million Euros in the year 2006. Nearly 100 % of the units are exported. The main markets are the European countries, GUS, Central and South America, North America as well as the Near and Far East. SML offices in Beijing - China, in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, in Surabaya - Indonesia and in Chicago - USA guarantee together with more than 60 agents optimal access to all important markets and best service worldwide

Together with the companies Starlinger & Co in Vienna/Austria, Maplan in Ternitz/Austria and Sahm in Eschwege/Germany,

SML is a member of Starlinger Group. (SML Maschinengesellschaft mbH, Pichlwanger Str. 27, A 4860 Lenzing, Austria. Tel: 07672 912 203. Fax: 07672 912 9. E-mail: krb@sml.at. Website: www.sml.at)

published January , 2008
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