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Nonwovens & Technical Textiles
  JETlace® Essentiel spunlace system for lightweight products

Rieter has recently presented a new meltblown technology, new JETlace® Essentiel spunlace system for lightweight products and SPUNjet®, the innovative online combination of spunbond and spunlace technologies for new nonwovens properties. Rieter, the leading spunlace supplier offers complete systems together with NSC nonwoven.

Top performances in spunmelt

From 1999, Rieter has been developing an innovative spunbond system, called PERFObondTM 3000. It produces the most uniform fabric of the market for high quality nonwovens products. The flexibility of the line allows to create finished fabric weights with a weight between 10 and 150 gsm for all range of applications and at the highest productive rate of the market-up to 300 kg/h/m of beam.

The PERFObondTM 3000 single beam lines are able to generate low weight fabrics that are qualified for the hygiene market. This achievement has been made possible by the basic principles of PERFObondTM 3000: process and environment stability, correct process parameter control and key components of high quality level.

The main advantages of the Rieter spunbond systems are:

  • Isotropic MD: CD ratio

  • Excellent product uniformity

  • Process stability

  • High capacity: 5000T/year/beam

  • Energy consumption: <1kwh/kg

A new generation of Rieter meltblown systems

To complete its spunmelt product range, Rieter launched its own meltblown system, called EMBLO®. Due to its unique design, which reduces cleaning time and installation cost, it offers to the nonwovens industry cost savings as well as quality benefits. Today, Rieter has acquired meltblown experience through the installation of several industrial lines. Therefore, the combination of Rieter know-how and Rieter innovation gave birth to a new generation of Rieter meltblown system.

This latest development is designed based on customer specifictions to produce monolithic as well as layered fabrics starting at 1gsm and 1µm fibres. This cutting edge technology is characterised by extraordinarily narrow basis weight and filament size distributions, providing a highly homogeneous web structure even at high specific throughputs.

Furthermore this new Rieter meltblown system can be perfectly integrated in line with the innovative spunbond towers, PERFObondTM 3000, to produce SMS webs. The combination of these two technologies will enable the production of spunmelt nonwovens dedicated to hygiene, filtration and medical markets.

Today, with more than 150 spunlace lines in operation, Rieter Perfojet is the unrivalled leader in spunlace system. The Rieter JETlace® 3000 technology produces state-of-the-art spunlace fabrics with high productivity, highest reliability at lowest manufacturing costs. This state-of-the-art machine is designed to produce all kind of spunlace fabrics from 30 to 500 gsm using all types of synthetic and natural fibres.

As a general contractor for complete spunlace lines, customers are given the opportunity to concentrate on product and fabric development. Thanks to the co-operation with NSC nonwoven the offer for complete systems in spunlace technology eases the investment process and lowers its risks. The expertise of Rieter and NSC nonwoven in process technologies from opening & blending equipment, cards, crosslappers to fully automatic high speed winders and slitter-rewinders completes perfectly Rieter Perfojet's hydro-entanglement and air through dryer technologies.

New JETlace® Essentiel - for top performance and quick delivery time

For some years, the spunlace market has been oriented to the production of light weight fabrics dedicated to mass market such as wipes. These final applications for commodity products are consumer driven. In order to respond to that trend and serve this booming market, Rieter is now offering its latest spunlace machine under the name of JETlace® Essentiel. The innovative configuration enables to produce spunlace fabrics from 30 to 80gsm at the highest capacity ever reached -- up to 2,700 kg/h. This very economic technology is suitable for wipes, hygiene and medical applications made from polyester, viscose and cotton. JETlace® Essentiel systems are available in predefined optimised layouts and configurations to reduce delivery time, maintenance and operating efforts.

SPUNjet® - a new breath for nonwovens industry

The online combination of spunlaid and spunlace technologies called SPUNjet® creates nonwovens with new characteristics. Rieter Perfojet is the only machine supplier with both technologies, offering such innovation and performance in the two fastest growing processes in the nonwoven industry: spunmelt and spunlace as system supply.

SPUNjet® fabrics benefit from the unique uniformity of the spunlaid web produced with the PERFObondTM 3000 machine and the perfect quality of water needling from state-of-the-art injectors, thus producing a new fabric reference for the nonwoven market. The SPUNjet® process offers the nonwoven market a fabric that combines the best properties ever reached in bulkiness, softness, drapability, tensile strength, and isotropic MD:CD ratio.

SPUNjet® brings innovation and performance to a wide range of applications, changing the face of nonwovens, creating a new generation of nonwovens.

The Rieter Group operates internationally, developing and producing sophisticated systems for the textile and automotive industries. In fiscal year 2006 Rieter generated sales of CHF 3,580 million. The Textile Systems Division accounted for CHF 1,401 million and the Automotive systems Division for CHF 2,179 million of this total sales.

(Rieter Perfojet, ZA Pré-Milliet, F-38330 Montbonnot, France. Tel: +33 (0)4 76 52 23 11. Fax: +33 (0) 4 76 52 21 73).

published November , 2007
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