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  Rieter to present all 4 spinning systems

On its exhibition stand at the ITME 2012, Rieter will be demonstrating its competence across the entire spinning process and presenting all 4 end spinning systems. Large 1,000 mm cans can now be utilised in the Rieter fibre and spinning preparation from the card to the comber, ensuring higher efficiency and convenience in the spinning plant. Showcased on the stand will be the new air-jet spinning machine J 20, the new Rieter comber E 80 and the new draw frame SB-D 22.

The 4 Rieter Com4® Yarns

The know-how relating to financing, spinning mill planning, use of the right technological elements, selection of the correct spinning process as well as many other factors is necessary to achieve success in the operation of a spinning plant. Rieter is presenting all this expertise at the ITME.

Numerous highlights and innovations can be admired live on the Rieter exhibition stand. Here a brief overview:

  • The new E 80 comber will be in operation. The E 80 comber stands for unrivaled quality, productivity and yield.
  • The new double-sided J 20 air-jet spinning machine (operational) will be introduced for the first time to the Indian market.
  • The new SB-D 22 double-head non-autoleveler draw frame guarantees maximum machine efficiency with a unique space saving can changer up to 1,000 mm can and delivery speeds up to 1,100 m/min.
  • The SPIDERweb - the innovative mill monitoring from blowroom to spinning machines - will be presented on a screen.
  • What the benefits and characteristics of the 4 spinning systems mean for downstream processing can be experienced by visitors in the technology showcase. Here end-products and fabric samples of the 4 Rieter yarns are available.
  • The latest retrofits and high-quality original spare parts will be presented by Rieter's spare parts experts.

E 80 Comber

The E 80 comber meets the highest standards in terms of productivity, quality and economy together with a high degree of flexibility. The effective production performance of the E 80 comber in combination with the fully automated ROBOlap lap piecing system is 2 tonnes/day. The lead in combing technology has been extended further through CAPDQ (Computer Aided Process Development). With outstanding fibre selection and optimal machine running behaviour, the comber achieves superior quality values with maximum economy. The mill-proven ROBOlap fully automated lap changing and piecing system is a unique feature and still sets the standard for modern combing operations.

SB-D 22 Double-Head Draw Frame

The SB-D 22 double-head draw frame without autoleveling guarantees maximum machine efficiency with a unique can changer up to 1000 mm. The machine concept is labour- and space-saving. At delivery speeds of up to 1100 m/min the mill-proven Rieter 4-over-3 drafting system ensures outstanding yarn quality. Unique centralised drafting system setting and easy modification of the delivery speed on the display panel also enhance customer benefits. Energy consumption is some 20% lower than for other manufacturers' machines.

1000 mm Cans from the Card to the Comber

Large 1,000 mm cans can now be utilised in the Rieter fibre and spinning preparation from the card to the comber. The number of different cans in the spinning mill can thereby be reduced, which keeps the investment costs low. Thanks to larger can sizes, the operator time is reduced and the yarn quality improved as a result of the lower number of sliver piecings. The impressive size of these large cans can be seen at the E 80 comber and SB-D 22 draw frame - both will be equipped with a 1,000 mm can changer.

J 20 Air-Jet Spinning Machine

The J 20 air-jet spinning machine features up to 120 high-production spinning units. The J 20 can be equipped for separate production on both machine sides, i.e. two different yarn qualities can be spun simultaneously on one machine. In conjunction with the newly developed spinning unit, the J 20 offers maximum yarn quality, productivity and flexibility. The unique quality characteristics of the air-jet spun yarn are reflected in benefits for spinning mills, downstream processors and end-users.

SPIDERweb mill monitoring system

Rieter has developed an innovative information and data collection system in the shape of SPIDERweb. Machines and the data system come from a single source and are ideally coordinated with each other. Due to the modular structure of SPIDERweb any number of machines can be connected, from blowroom to spinning installation. The open-ended network enables additional machines or SPIDERweb workstations to be connected at any time. SPIDERweb collects comprehensive data that provide an ongoing basis for increasing output and enhancing quality.

Technology Corner

Rieter supports customers in the choice of the right spinning process by its comprehensive technological expertise in all four spinning processes through to the textile end-product. At the exhibition, Rieter provides information on the benefits of the 4 Rieter Com4® yarns by means of various end-products and fabric samples.

Spare Parts and Retrofits

A reliable partner supplying a complete range of wearing, technology and standard parts. Original spare parts from Rieter ensure optimal working behaviour, smooth operation and additional security. Innovative developments plus high-quality products subjected to rigorous controls and checks enable Rieter to meet customers' most stringent safety and production requirements. Furthermore, Rieter's local warehouse facility will enable customers to plan their requirements and ensures quicker delivery.

published November , 2012
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