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  Sintex SMC Panel Tank: India goes global way in large water storage

When it comes to store water in very large quantity, the world turns to SMC ((Sheet Moulding Compound) panel tanks. Countries like Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East, parts of Africa and the UK are extensively using this type of water storage tanks for over 35-years and are the first choice for large water storage tanks.

While in India, the situation was different. Large water storage tanks were made traditionally in RCC. With introduction of moulded Polyethylene water storage tanks for the first time in India in 1978 - 1979, Sintex brought in a revolution in the way water was stored. Still, the large water storage remained a challenge. Due to logistic constraints, these tanks could not be offered in capacities more than 25,000 litres. It was therefore essential to come up with a suitable modular or panel type tank that could be sent in Knocked Down Condition (KDC) to the site and built into a large capacity tank to meet requirements in industries, institutions, large residential colonies, water treatment plants, rural water supply schemes etc. in India or anywhere else in the world.

Again Sintex came up with a solution, in form of unique SMC panel tank so that large water storage requirements on ground, top of the building or on staging could be met. These tanks come in the form of panels, which are now available in the sizes of 1 M x 1M, 2M x 1M and 1M x 0.5 M. These panels are made from corrosion resistant and durable SMC, which is an improved and advanced formulation of glass fiber reinforcement and suitable resin systems. All these panels can be bolted together and provided with necessary support structure and corsetry for evolution of required storage capacity.

SMC Panel tanks are better alternative now from the economic value point too. After the introduction of new structural code No BIS 456 & BIS 1893 by Bureau of Indian Standards, concrete tanks have become very expensive so as to meet the now compulsory regulations. From technical point of view also these SMC panel tanks are better than large concrete tanks. Even on existing buildings where additional water storage capacity could be created or on new buildings, these tanks are better alternative to RCC tanks. Since RCC tanks have many drawbacks, water storage can be definitely better with these panel tanks.

SMC Panels and components can be taken to the remotest corners and be converted into a water storage tank. Thus, in difficult mountainous, tribal, remote and inaccessible areas, these tanks are the first choice. SMC Panel Tanks are ideal for large industries, IT sector, rural water supply schemes, town supply schemes, fire fighting and rainwater harvesting schemes etc.

SMC Panel Tank comes with many inherent advantages. It maintains quality of stored water for long duration. It is made of lightweight, extremely strong and very durable panels and hence it is very easy to handle and transport. It can be easily installed by plumbers and general technicians with the help of conventional tools. As it is made of panels, it is easy to assemble at site in any size. It is also easy to Easy to increase or decrease the size.

As the tanks are made from FDA approved grades of materials, they are 100% safe for drinking water storage. The tanks are ideal for storing water right from sub-zero to extremely hot climates. Depending on the requirements, the tanks can be provided with extra insulation with PUF to make them suitable for extremely cold climates, solar water heating systems, chilling plants and similar applications. These types of tanks have a proven life expectancy of over 50-years in the worst climates of the world.

Earthquake resistant, ease of shifting from one placed to another, long life and reasonably prices are driving factors behind the huge success of this type of panel tanks. The fact that hygiene and health standards are also maintained when water is stored in these tanks, make them even more desirable. In India, there is already BIS No 14399 which is met by ‘Sintex’ SMC panel tanks.

(For further information contact: Sintex Industries Ltd, Plastics Division, Kalol, North Gujarat 382 721. Tel: 02764-253 500. Fax: 02764-253 800. Email: icontainers@sintex.co.in).

published January , 2012
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