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  Rieter spins success for mills with highest standards

Today, the end-products from Rieter systems -- ring yarn, Com4® compact yarn, ComfoRo® rotor yarn ComforJet® air-jet yarn – are legendary. Rieter leads the way in textile technology and uses state-of-the-art technology in the development of innovative processes, machines and yarns. Customers profit from the technology know-how across all process stages from the spinning mill up to the textile end-product. Since its founding in Switzerland in 1795, Rieter has developed high quality standards. These apply to the entire global production network. As a component of its quality strategy, all production locations are ISO 9001 certified.

With the presentation of the new G 32 ring spinning machine at the ITMA ASIA 2010, Rieter is responding to the needs of the new markets. It is a response to the requirements for dependability, modern technology and quality. The E 66 comber represents market leadership in combing.G 32 ring spinning machine: this machine is a new development. With up to 1,440 spindles and an excellent price/performance ratio, it has been specifically targeted to fulfil the needs of the new markets. The familiar production quality and efficiency of Rieter ring spinning machines is reflected in the G 32 and is achieved due to the well-established functions such as the automatic cop change ROBOdoff or doffing without unwinding with the SERVOgrip. The G 32 ring spinning machine is ideal for customers who want to modernise with long doffer ring spinning machines.

E 66 combing machine:
72 kg/h combed sliver – that is the real performance of the E 66 semi-automatic combing machine. This was developed on the basis of the wide experience gained over recent years with the more than 7,800 combing machines sold. Together with the Computer-Aided-Process-Development – C•A•P•D500 – the combing process is optimised with regard to movement, applied load, air and power consumption. The high performance of 72 kg/h is achieved with 500 nips/min, 80 g/m lap sheet fineness, ideal running behaviour and highest quality.

A 11 UNIfloc automatic bale opener – Economical cleaning starts with microtufts:
The foundations for yarn quality and thus the quality of the textile end-product are laid in the blowroom process. This is the basis of the successful use of Rieter’s UNIfloc A 11 automatic bale opener worldwide. The UNIfloc A 11 processes the fibre material gently and efficiently into microtufts, from which impurities can be removed very readily in the subsequent processes. This effectively supports the quality and economic efficiency of yarn manufacture.

B 12 UNIclean pre-cleaner – Efficient and reliable pre-cleaning: The UNIclean B 12 pre-cleaner cleans the microtufts in the first cleaning stage immediately after the UNIfloc A 11. This enables machine output of up to 1,400 kg/h to be achieved. Cleaning is performed without nipping and is therefore very gentle to the fibres and at the same time efficient. VarioSet enables waste volume and waste composition to be adjusted optimally at the push of a button. This ensures a high level of raw material utilisation.

B 71/B 75 UNImix homogeneous mixer – Efficient mixing process with the 3-point method:
The B 71/B 75 UNImix guarantees homogeneous, intimate mixing of the bale feed, even with unfavorable bale lay-down. The unique 3-point mixing process is equally suitable for cotton and man-made fibres. Eight mixing chambers ensure not only effective mixing, but also high output and large storage capacity. Disturbances during bale take-off are prevented from having an adverse impact on subsequent processes.

UNIblend precision blender – Economical and precisely metered blending for quality yarns: The UNIblend A 81 precision blender sets the highest standard for multi-component blending with an accuracy featuring less than 1% deviation. The UNIblend A 81 enables four different carding lines to be supplied with different blends. The maximum output of the A 81 is 1,000 kg/h. Processing a large number of different staple fibres facilitates a rapid and economical response to fashion trends.

C 60 high-performance card – The concept for outstanding performance:
With its unique geometry in the carding zone, the C 60 high-performance card provides one of the main building blocks for achieving financial success. With a working width of 1,500 mm, output by the C 60 card is up to 50% higher than on conventional models – and is combined with superior sliver quality. The ratio of output to energy and space requirements is revolutionised by the C 60. It is available with coiler (CBA), integrated drawframe without leveling (SB module) and in the autoleveling version (RSB module) for use in the OE direct process.

SB-D 11 single-head drawframe – Compact single-head drawframe with superior price/performance ratio:
The SB-D 11 is the new Rieter single-head drawframe without autoleveling for delivery speeds of up to 1,100 m/min. In terms of productivity it is designed for use in line with the RSB-D 40. The striking features of this new development are its compact size, excellent sliver quality and low capital investment per kg of sliver. The automatic linear can changer for can formats of up to 1,000 mm enables a high degree of running autonomy to be achieved. Ease of operation and good accessibility ensure low maintenance effort.

RSB-D 22 double-head autoleveler draw frame – Single-head autoleveling quality on two heads:
Rieter is complementing its draw frame portfolio with the RSB-D 22 double-head autoleveler draw frame featuring a maximum delivery speed of 2 x 1,100 m/min. Its completely independent machine sides and autoleveling functions are a unique feature in a double-head autoleveler draw frame. Each head therefore produces exactly the same quality and output that have become the benchmark from the RSB-D 40 single-head draw frame. Further advantages are: reduced space requirements, low energy consumption and lower capital cost.

SB/RSB-D 40 draw frame – Milestones in draw frame technology:
Rieter has again achieved a quantum leap in draw frame technology with the new RSB-D 40 draw frame. With improved scanning, autoleveling dynamics and innovative drafting system extraction it delivers superior quality values at up to 1,100 m/min. Long operating periods without cleaning are possible with the CLEANcoil coiler when processing manmade fibres. Automatic autoleveling adjustment with AUTOset reduces manual tests in the laboratory. The AUTOhelp spectrogram diagnostic system displays causes of faults graphically on the machine panel. Energy consumption is up to 10% lower than for the predecessor model.

Other noteworthy products of Rieter are:
E 35 OMEGAlap combing preparation – Quantum leap in combing preparation.
E 66/E 76 Comber – The leader in combing.
F 15/F 35 Roving Frame – The integrated solution for your spinning preparation.
G 35 ring spinning machine – Producing high-quality yarns economically.
K 45 compact spinning machine – For fully compacted yarns.
R 40 fully automated rotor spinning machine – Leading in technology and economy.
R 923 semi-automatic rotor spinning machine – The alternative in rotor spinning.
J 10 Air-jet spinning machine – Quality and uniqueness hand in hand with top productivity.
SPIDERweb – Innovative mill monitoring from blowroom to spinning machines.

(For details, visit: www.rieter.com)

published October , 2010
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