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  SSM to present DP5-W, a precision winder

SSM -- the inventor of the electronic yarn traverse system -- is presenting its winding machine: the DP5-W. The DP5-W is a precision winder for medium and fine count technical yarns used for the production of dye packages, for the preparation of packages for weaving, warp knitting and circular knitting as well as for the rewinding operation with or without thread treatment. The DP5-W integrates SSM's established high-speed electronic winding unit fastflexTM and online tension control device digitensTM along with SSM's uniquely energy saving back pressure system. The result is tailor-made cross-wound packages that provide unparalleled dyeing and unwinding performance and fulfill highest requirements in all down-stream processes.

All process parameters can be easily stored and retrieved in the new uniquely user-friendly machine terminal, and therefore guarantee perfect reproducible. This is an important differentiation from the results obtained by conventional systems. Due to the machine's ergonomic design, the possibilities for innovative automation solutions, and its over all lower power consumption in comparison to conventional systems, the costs of winding can be massively reduced.

The DP5-D is a precision assembly winder for assembling spun and filament yarns up to 3,000 dtex and for assembling different yarn components including elastic fibres. Just like the spinning preparation in a spinning mill the assembling machine has a decisive influence upon quality and processing ability in twisting. The programmable winding unit allows an increase of the package density (and thus package weight and knot free length) by up to 25%.

TW2-W DIGICONE® preciflexTM
TW2-W and TW2-D preciflexTM, precision package winder with mechanical speed up to 1,500 m/min. This precision package winder with innovative solutions and digitensTM option presents an improvement of the thread path and an overall simplification of the superior winder. The electronic preciflexTM yarn laying technology allows a high flexibility to produce a made-to-measure cross wound package.

TK 2/20-CT, KT & TT for Cone, Kingspool and Tube (cops) make-ups
SSM is launching the second generation of the well established "Thread King" sewing thread finish winder with the TK 2/20 "Thread King 2".

The newly developed "Thread King 2" series is the next generation of HACOBA high-performance sewing thread finish winders. The new modular machine concept allows it to offer this machine as a semi-automatic winder or with a new high-performing Auto-doffer. The TK 2/20 is available as Cone winder, King-spool winder as well as Tube (Cops) winder.

This machine combines the highest performance of the well-known Thread King series with the functionality and operation comfort of modern control concepts and state-of-the-art drive technology.
With absolutely new product features like the new slit-drum with "Quick-lock" and electronically controlled tuck-in device, the winder focuses on the market requirement to increase the overall efficiency and consequently keeping the winding costs to a minimum.

Hall 3, Stand A301

(SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG, Neugasse 10, 8812 Horgen, Switzerland. Tel: +41 44 718 33 11. Fax: +41 44 718 34 51. Email: info@ssm.ch. Web: www.ssm.ch)

published June , 2009
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