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  SKF's PK Series Weighting Arms

SKF India Limited pioneered the development of the Top Arm Drafting Systems using helical compression spring, which is widely known as the "Pendulum Weighting Arm". This system is self-sufficient and does not need any external resource (air/electrical) for its operation.

Small wonder that SKF's range of Weighting Arms are in use, the world over, on most top-roller drafting systems. They are entirely dependable and completely reliable in their operation. Reliability that is born out of the continual research and development at SKF's textile business unit in India.

The PK series of SKF Weighting Arms is especially designed to suit the demand of the textile industry and offers excellent features to the end-user:

  • Ensures uniform load across, for longer period of time.

  • Offers a choice of load on individual load position.

  • Allows selection load without affecting adjacent load position.

  • Ensures specified load even after repeated cot buffing.

  • Ensures consistent quality.

  • Additionally, these units hardly need any maintenance and they exhibit no pressure loss, leakage or variation in loading. There is no need for a frequent setting of the weighting arm, which means trouble-free performance and higher productivity.


The wide range of SKF Weighting Arms ensures the availability of a suitable model for any kind of application -- be it for cotton, cotton blends, MMF and woollen/worsted spinning applications.

Variants available are:

Ring Frame: PK2025 & PK2035.

Worsted Spinning: PK1601-01.

Speed Frame: PK1500-3RDS, PK1500-4RDS, PK1600-40.

(SKF India Ltd (Textile Business Unit), Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra 411 033. Tel: 020-2745 9602/6611 2193/6611 2201. Fax: 020-2745 9601. Email: Pradeep.govil@skf.com/chetan.bhagat@skf.com. Web: www.skfindia.com)

published January , 2009
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