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  3 Comez models to demonstrate efficiency & flexibility

COMEZ is a global leader in advanced narrow fabric technology, offering a complete range of crochet knitting machines, weaving needle looms, double needle bed warp knitting machines and software for pattern programming - used to produce a broad range of laces and bands for underwear, ribbons for clothing, technical textiles, passementerie, fancy yarns and fabrics for outerwear.

COMEZ machines are built using the most modern and innovative technologies, featuring:
> Speed and productivity at maximum levels
> Reduced machine start-up times with article changes
> Near-unlimited range of usable yarn types without difficulty
> Versatility, flexibility and ease-of-use.

Thanks to COMEZ technology, narrow fabric manufacturers can create an unlimited range of product types, all of extremely high quality, relying on continuous production (overcoming changes in fashion tastes and market trends), enabling them to enter and be competitive in new market segments

From the extensive line of crochet machines, that well highlight the excellence of COMEZ technology, at the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008 trade fair 3 models will be presented, featuring the application of newly engineered solutions aimed at maximizing production efficiency and flexibility.

COMEZTRONIC CT-16B/600 is an electronic crochet knitting machine with 16 weft pattern bars, available in gauge 15 and 20 npi, with a 600 mm working width, designed for the production of an extensive range of high-quality and very complex laces, bra-straps and flounces, both elastic and non-elastic.

The electronic drive is applied not only to the weft bars, but to all the feeders (weft, warp, elastic yarns) and the finished product take-down, thus allowing for the possibility of different stitch density values (stitches/cm) on a single product, as well as different values for weft/warp feeding and elasticity. Continued testing and research have resulted in the elimination of problematic vibrations of the bars, which now perform only a transversal, and no longer a vertical movement. These engineering and design changes make it possible to work easily with as many as 16 weft bars. A high number of bars and electronic operating system allow for elaborate patterns to be created, with very long pattern repeats. 

The machine is fitted with the new generation DATA CONTROL CONTROLLER, managing all necessary machine functions, monitoring production data, and allowing for the realisation of lengthy pattern repeats: the number of lines for each pattern can reach a value that is just about unlimited. Patterns are programmed simply and quickly by COMEZ exclusive software, and transferred from a PC to the DATA CONTROL CONTROLLER using a MEMORY CARD. Electronics applied to this COMEZ machine are exclusively created and entirely designed and developed by COMEZ. 

The COMEZTRONIC CT-16B/600 is a truly unique production system made available to manufacturers of sophisticated articles for underwear: its advanced engineering and design technology - as for various other COMEZ machine models - is protected by numerous patents granted in many countries worldwide, including China. 

The COMEZ 609/B12 is a high efficiency crochet knitting machine, designed for the production of a wide range of laces, bands and ribbons featuring complex and elaborate patterns, employed for lingerie and undergarments, sportswear and accessories. The machine is built and designed using a modular system that allows for the easy application of a great many devices offered exclusively by COMEZ, completing the basic machine and providing very high versatility. 

The COMEZ 609/B12 comes in several gauges, with a 600 mm working width, and is equipped with 11 weft bars, controlled by a chain composed of involute profiled links. This is a highly reliable machine, featuring an extremely advanced mechanical structure: it is the ultimate expression of COMEZ consolidated technology for the production of narrow fabrics in large quantities, performing at maximum operating speeds while requiring machine maintenance that is reduced to a bare minimum. 

The COMEZ 610 ACO/V is a high technology crochet knitting machine using compound needles, for the high speed production of technical articles, ribbons and laces, featuring lock-stitch, both rigid and elastic, such as - for example - the female part of Velcro fasteners. 
The machine’s compound needles render it highly versatile, allowing for the processing in the warp of synthetic and special yarns (such as Kevlar, fibreglass, copper and zinc yarns, etc), as well as commonly used natural yarns like wool and cotton. 

COMEZ 610 ACO/V comes in gauges from 10 to 20 npi, has a 600 mm working width, and is fitted with 8 weft bars controlled by a chain, composed of links presenting an involute profile. A supplementary warp tube bar allows for a variety of warp knit constructions (closed, simple and double lock-stitch, etc.), differing from those normally obtained and providing a lock-stitch effect on the fabric. The many products that can be obtained using this machine are therefore new and interesting articles, intended for a wider variety of uses.

published July , 2008
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