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Special Focus | November 2017

ShanghaiTex to facilitate Industry 4.0 via integration

With an exhibition area of more than 1,00,000 sq m, ShanghaiTex 2017 expects the participation of over 1,200 exhibitors and over 50,000 professional buyers.

The 18th Shanghai International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ShanghaiTex 2017), to be held from November 27-30, 2017 at SNIEC, Pudong, Shanghai, will focus on the world’s latest innovative textile technology, high-growth application sectors and cross-border technology, thereby assisting industry to overcome challenges and spark new opportunities on the way to Industry 4.0.

In response to the customisation trend, ShanghaiTex 2017 contributes to the progressive realisation of Industry 4.0 through promotion of advancement in production, digitalisation, sustainability and servitisation, to breathe new dynamics and value to the industry and assist Chinese textile to rank among the world’s manufacturing powers.

While Industry 4.0 has become a global trend, many big brands have infiltrated the 4.0 philosophy into supplier requirements. Sensibly, for textile manufacturers, realising 4.0 has become a necessity to achieve profitable growth by enhancing their adaptability to get orders, prior to productivity optimisation.

Instead of one-off expenditure, achieving Industry 4.0 should be regarded as a “step by step” investment in raising business competitiveness by responding quickly to changing markets. From innovation of product, service to production process, ShanghaiTex will demonstrate the integration of information, Internet, loT and mobile electronics technology, assisting enterprises to find their own pace to Industry 4.0.

The experience zone will gather the world’s latest 3D body scanning and virtual fining technology, ERP/CAD system, as well as e-commerce platform together to demonstrate the operation of a smart factory. Visitors will definitely get inspired through hands-on experience of the equipment and technology that involved under C2M.

At ShanghaiTex, visitors will be able to experience how 3D printing has eliminated the need for tailoring and sewing processes, accurately complete complex and multi-material designs.

Cutting-edge technologies

Asia is now the world’s fastest growing region for automobile, where textiles are widely applied on automotive production such as seat cover, carpets, roof, heat/sound absorption materials, etc. As British Textiles Intelligence predicts, the total volume of textiles per vehicle is expected to reach 35 kg in 2020, therefore huge market potential should be highlighted.

Together with the stricter requirement on technology, professionalism and customisation from automobile manufacturer, ShanghaiTex will focus on the latest fibre and technology with a wide range of production solutions to assist industry players to grasp the opportunities under this high-growth market.

Knitting technology is always evolving in accordance to the ever-changing lifestyle. Thus it penetrates the lives with evolving appearance, function and application. ShanghaiTex will explore the cutting-edge knitting technology and application from view of different lifestyles, stimulating innovation and inspiration among textile makers.

Emerging technology of functional fibre processing leveled up the elasticity, air permeability, softness, anti-wrinkle properties of fashion. This combination of fashion and function has delivered excellent performance and aesthetics in fashion.

People are now tending to pursue fitness and healthy lifestyle, ShanghaiTex will focus on seamless knitting technology that enables unrestrained performance, as well as high performance technology that specially designed for outdoor sports lovers.

The revolutionary integration of electronics and textiles has made smart textiles able to respond to changing environment, communicate, detect and bear many other interactive features. ShanghaiTex will uncover the wisdom and challenges behind this hot topic, bringing topics such as conductive fabrics and soft batteries under the spotlight.

Facing the pressure of the national environmental policy, printing and dyeing industry is also keeping up the pace. With high energy efficiency, precision and flexibility, digital printing developed rapidly and has made up many short comings of traditional printing technology.

Focusing on the characteristics of short production cycle, low-volume and on-demand production of digital printing, Shanghaitex will unleash the latest digital printing technology and application in the “customisation” trend under the wind of industry 4.0.

ShanghaiTex is the most established and professional textile machinery exhibition of its kind in China since 1984. With continued dedication to the growth of textile industry, ShanghaiTex 2017 is set to lead the textile industry in exploring world’s most advanced textile technology applications and latest development on high-growth segments, thereby helping enterprises to enhance business growth and improve competitiveness during the industry’s restructuring period.

Extensive digital printing applications

Following its popularity from the last edition, the Digital Printing Machinery Zone will expand to cover three halls at ShanghaiTex 2017, and has received substantial support from renowned exhibitors such as Zimmer, Mimaki, Konica Minolta, Durst, Epson, MS Specialty, EFI Reggiani, Toshin, Meijia, SPG Prints, Fujifilm, Atexco and Human Digital etc.

Shanghai Mimaki Trading Co Ltd will introduce its Belt-Type Direct-to-Textile Inkjet Printer “Tiger-1800B”, which features 16 printheads, a maximum print speed at 385 m2/h, and a flexible droplet print mode selection. Extensive optional units are also available for accommodating various applications, while the large-sized ink tank (10 kg) ensures cost-effective print operation. It also comes with a high-performance software RIP “TxLink3 Standard”, which offers powerful colour replacement functions to represent desired colours.

Epson (China) Co Ltd will showcase its large format printer Epson SureColor F7280. With widths up to 64-inches, Surecolor F7280 comes with Epson’s exclusive PrecisionCore TFP print head and an integrated roll-to-roll media support system with high accuracy winding, which ensure its high performance. The use of Epson’s latest dye-sublimation ink technology – EpsonUltraChrome DS with High Density Black also offers a low total cost of ownership.

With the technology development over the past few years, the applications of digital printing have extended and are no longer limited to fashion and garment. Digital prints are also found in shoe upper design, luggage, home textiles, car interiors and accessories, etc. During the show period, the organiser will host a seminar The latest digital printing trends, where experts will cover the wide applications of digital printing, and discuss hot topics regarding customisation and sustainable solutions. The organiser will also collaborate with Intech Digital Technology for onsite display and activity, where visitors will be able to learn more about the use of digital printing on denim.

Denim goes green!

Denim production involves with large water consumption and wastewater discharge (usually contains high concentrations of pollutants) from denim dyeing and finishing, so it’s getting more important for denim manufacturers to introduce new technologies, equipment and auxiliaries to achieve this green transformation. ShanghaiTex 2017 (November 27-30, 2017 at SNIEC, Pudong, Shanghai) will unleash the latest and sustainable denim manufacturing technology and application under the wind of industry 4.0.

A special denim theme zone – Eco-Denim Centre – will be newly featured at Shanghaitex 2017. A series of new and greenovation technologies including dyes, additives, textile chemicals; denim finishing equipment; and laser processing, tailoring equipment will be showcased. The new denim zone has received substantial support from the renowned exhibitors including GBOS, Kasu, Suwei, DaFang, XinXiangLian, Jhx, KingFull, etc.

GBOS Laser Technology Limited will showcase the INC.3D Laser Washing System. This is a 3D laser dynamic scanner, the laser beam is projected onto the surface of the work piece and produces a variety of clear and realistic images. It completely subverts and replaces the traditional washing process, so as to achieve the green transformation and upgrading.

Also, Wuhan Jin Haoxing Laser Co Ltd has launched its latest machine JHX-160100 Double Heads Mutual Moving Laser Cutting Machine. To address the market needs, this machine is marked at a reasonable price to achieve double efficiency. The advantages of this machine include: smooth edges, surface polishing, noiseless, dust-free, high accuracy, high precision, high efficiency, reduction of waste water and the use of chemical reagents, etc. ShanghaiTex, as the best trading and networking occasion for industrial elites in the textile industry, will spare no efforts to gather leading denim and jeans brands, industry players and organisations to the event. Denim manufacturing enterprises will be here to explore new business network and opportunities.

In addition to machinery display, a special display gallery – “Denim Chic” will also be found at the show with the latest applications of new technologies from denim clothing enterprises. High-caliber experts from around the world are also invited by the show organiser to share their insight at the seminar – “Denim Masterminds” on the challenges and opportunities of the denim industry and introduce the latest technology, eco-friendly and fashionable production solutions.

C2M Smart Factory Experience Zone

Customer to Manufacturer (C2M) business model has become a hot topic under the “Customisation” and industry 4.0 trends. Smart Factory will be an interactive zone where automation, flexible production and Industry 4.0 technology will be demonstrated by selected premium exhibitors collectively.

With the increasing health awareness among people and unceasing development of fitness boom, coupled with the rise of “Athleisure” trend, wearing yoga clothes and sportswear out into fashion has never been so popular. Featuring the world’s latest smart textile technology, ShanghaiTex 2017 will focus on sports knitting technologies that create high performance sportswear for sports lovers.

Nowadays, sport textiles take good care of not only users’ skin sensation like keeping warm and comfortable, but also their muscle and performance, with functions such as supporting movement in specific sports to strengthen training, reducing injuries and speeding up recovery. With the focus of textile technology on sports market, the ShanghaiTex 2017 Concurrent Event “Sports Arena” at Hall W1 will look into three hot topics: sports bra, wearable technology and shoe technology. And one of the world’s leading 3D printing innovators, Materialise, will display 3D printing technology and give a speech at Sports Arena.

Many lingerie brands have launched their sports bra line under the “Sporty Athleisure” trend in recent years, while issues on comfort, support, shoulder strap design and function remain the main challenges on sports bra production. Notes Luk, visiting lecturer from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, will be invited to share his rich experience in intimate apparel industry, addressing both theoretical and practical matters in various bra issues.

Wearable Technology X Textile

Research showed that the annual global turnover of smart textiles will be nearly $5 billion by 2020. In the future, elements of electronics, sensing and cloud technologies will be incorporated into textiles to provide users a more interactive experience for athletic performance improvement and health maintenance.

The CEO of HKRITA and Antelope, As well as professor from Hong Kong Polytechnic University will speak at the event to explore the latest developments of smart textiles and inspire the industry with innovative ideas on sporting goods market.

Running shoes have always been regarded as the vital equipment for runners. The success of running shoes lies in the materials, design and technology in different parts of a shoe. Sports Arena will gather professionals from different fields such as shoe uppers, soles, 3D printing and smart technology to explore the latest sports shoes development and trend.

Plan A 2025 to promote sustainability

In response to the growing awareness of environmental friendly manufacturing, ShanghaiTex always dedicates to present green textile technology with low energy consumption. By cooperating with experts from different fields, ShanghaiTex is also considered as an advanced platform for industrial elites to obtain the most cutting-edge information and exchange opinions on industry development.

ShanghaiTex 2017 has collaborated with Marks & Spencer to conduct a trendsetting forum – “Marks & Spencer - Plan A 2025” on November 28, 2017. “Plan A” indicates the core value of Marks & Spencer in directing the strategy to help protect the planet, by sourcing responsibly, reducing waste and helping communities. Attendees of the event could stay tuned with the latest development of Plan A and discuss green solutions with other top-notch industry players.

In January 2007, M&S introduced a new eco and ethical plan called Plan A to tackle a new set of 21st century challenges. With £200 million investment, Plan A set out 100 environmental and social commitments covering five general realms, most of which have been achieved with awards. And in 2014 M&S introduced Plan A 2020 which consists of 100 new and modified commitments to achieve by 2020, with the ultimate goal of becoming the world's most sustainable major retailer.

M&S is working with both their suppliers and customers through plan A to fight against climate change, reduce wastage, utilise recycled materials, support fair trade, and pursue healthier lifestyle.

Despite the recent economic deterioration, M&S has proved itself successful in balancing profitability and environmental sustainability. The investment can be perfectly offset by the reduced cost of energy savings. Hence Plan A is also praised by energy experts as one of the most advanced strategies in retail industry.

Over the past five years, M&S has reduced its packaging by 26 per cent, and recycled tonnes of hangers. And it’s also advocating a new way of reducing waste to encourage donating used clothing instead of dumping. Besides dealing with carbon emissions from its own operations, M&S has also developed 60 low-carbon products for its customers to implement energy conservation at home.

Meanwhile, M&S has added “wash at 30°C” reminder on its clothing and laundry detergent packaging to assist consumers minimise the carbon emissions from laundry. As a result, 38 per cent of consumers carried out this measure, reducing 50,000 tonnes of carbon emissions on a yearly basis.

Climate change is a global problem, one that will ultimately affect all the lives, and one that M&S is striving to address. In addition to promoting to customers, M&S also actively mobilise its suppliers to engage in its carbon neutral project. M&S has already made its UK operations 28 per cent more energy efficient using green electricity, and they are working to make all stores globally much more energy efficient as well. Currently, the three M&S “green factories” located in Sri Lanka and Wales have all managed to take care of carbon reduction and cost savings. M&S is planning to open another green factory in China to extend energy efficiency blueprint to larger and more potential markets.

Sustainability will only become “the business that we do” if integrate Plan A into everyday activities and processes. Producing and harvesting raw materials can damage the environment, so M&S considers it important to source them in ways that support replenishment, safeguard natural habitats and ensure good animal welfare standards. M&S advocates protecting soil and wildlife and reducing pesticide use.

As a clothing retailer, M&S works in partnership with WWF to help thousands of farmers improve their approach to cotton production in India. And as a food retailer, M&S committed to promoting wellbeing and has taken a lead in providing clear and useful nutritional labeling on their food. To achieve its ambitious goals in eco and social responsibilities, M&S needs to invest in its supply chain and work with the right partner.

ShanghaiTex is sponsored by Shangtex Holding Co Ltd, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Sub-council and China Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai Chamber of Commerce; and is organised by Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, Shanghai Textile Technology Service & Exhibition Co Ltd and Shanghai International Exhibition Co Ltd.

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